Prayer Pilgrimage – week #7

 I have truly enjoyed the last 6 weeks travelling around Tasmania, praying & fellowshipping on my Prayer Pilgrimage. It has been a truly wonderful experience.

As part of my travels, I had the privilege of setting three days aside to go on a Prayer Retreat with some fellow Christians last week. See Bishop’s Prayer Retreat 2010.

The progress map below shows where I have been so far as well as my visits coming up in this the seventh week of my pilgrimage.

 This week (starting Sunday 11 July) I will be concluding my visit to the Furneaux Islands and visiting the Parishes of Launceston South, Channel/Cygnet and Franklin/Esperance as well as  the Royal Hobart Hospital Chapel and Glenview.

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Revd Robert Stanley writes,

Please continue to pray for Bishop John and Chris Sadler (his driver and prayer partner) as they travel around Tasmania serving God’s church. Please pray for safety in their travel, faithfulness in their service and the love of Jesus in their hearts. Please also pray for our state of Tasmania, that God will unlock her shackles and see people turn to Jesus during this time of dedication and commitment to prayer.

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