Prayer Pilgrimage Purposes & Prayer-final text

The text of the Prayer Pilgrimage Purposes & Prayer is now complete,

‘People@prayer’– Prayer Pilgrimage Purposes & Prayer  

This year I am going on a Prayer Pilgrimage around the Diocese. The theme is ‘People@prayer’.

The Pilgrimage will commence on Pentecost Sunday 23 May and continue through the months of June and July. See the Pentecost Sunday 2010 brochure here. It will be distributed in all parishes. Its title will be ‘People@ prayer’; setting out this essential characteristic of God’s people. The Pilgrimage will conclude at the Cathedral on 25 July, St James’ Day, the 10th Anniversary of my ordination and installation as Bishop of Tasmania.

The Pilgrimage itself will be my 10th anniversary celebration – gathering God’s people to be at prayer throughout Tasmania: ‘People@prayer’. What a wonderful way to celebrate God’s calling upon my life to be your bishop.

The calendar of visits is organized. My excitement is building as I think of the places and people around Tasmania with whom I will be praying. I am profoundly grateful for this privilege.

The Pilgrimage’s Purposes and Prayer follow and I ask for your prayers for the Pilgrimage.


For all parishioners, clergy and the Bishop to pray corporately for the Holy Spirit to work among us

  1. To model and encourage corporate prayer by Tasmanian Anglicans
  2. To teach Tasmanian Anglicans about prayer
  3. To unify Tasmanian Anglicans through prayer
  4. To see God respond to our prayers and for Tasmanians to become disciples of Jesus Christ

  These purposes will –

  1. Deepen our relationship with God both as individuals and as the people of God, the Church, and deepen within us the expectation that God will work in the world.
  2. Encourage people to pray by the Bishop being at prayer with the Anglican Parishes, Schools & Agencies. In my vision, ‘a healthy church … transforming life’, I state that my heart’s desire is for every Anglican to be a prayerful activist, enlivened by biblical faith and the power of the Holy Spirit; and for us all to take initiatives in mission that God may transform the life of our Christian communities and all Tasmanians. 
  3. Teach about prayer by teaching on the theme ‘People@prayer’.
  4. Unify God’s people through praying together and praying for the Anglican family of Tasmania and all Tasmanians.


Heavenly Father, your word teaches us that we do not have because we do not ask 
By your Spirit make us as keen to pray as you are to listen 
as determined to listen as you have always been to speak 
that we may be equipped for mission and united as your people, 
healthy churches transforming our lives and those of all Tasmanians 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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