In writing the Introduction to this study on the Book of Jonah last year, I posted a Facebook update. It was a stream of consciousness, a brainstorm of my early thoughts about the book. I’ve taken the advice of some of my Facebook friends and have kept this stream of consciousness as the Introduction.

I am currently writing an introduction to some studies on the Book of Jonah. “Why do I like the story line?” Well, Jonah is soooo ridiculous (reminds me of me!), God is soooo compassionate, the fish is soooo BIG, the fisherman call on God when Jonah won’t, the Ninevite Baddies repent, the bush and the worm and the worm of a man/disciple – I love it! My imagination runs riot! Just wonderful!

But did Jonah repent of his narrow minded view of the world and see the world as God sees it? Now, that’s a question for me! – Oops! Suddenly the Book has got a little toooo relevant for little ole ridiculously reluctant me/disciple. Shame.

And so to pray and greater commitment: Thank you Holy Spirit who inspired the writing of ‘Jonah’ and who continues to work wonders in God’s world and among God’s reluctant and often ridiculous people. In your mercy continue to work (gently!) on me. Amen.

You will find an historical and biblical introduction to the Book of Jonah, from the NIV Study Bible, here.

Lenten Booklet edited by Santaseelan Packianathan : Five Studies on Jonah based on the following devotionals:

Sixteen Daily Devotionals initially written for the Bible Society follow:

Bishop John Harrower

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