Pilgrimage Launch – Pentecost Sunday

What a marvellous occasion. On Pentecost Sunday we celebrate the Holy Spirit bursting forth upon the disciples of Jesus and their proclaiming the Good News of God’s love in Jesus Christ with many responding and becoming followers of Jesus.

It was not difficult to enter into the joy of this celebration as the Rector John Langlois and my mentor Bishop John Wilson led the saints in the laying on of hands with prayer. I could feel the weight of people’s hands on my head and a tingling down my spine as the prayers for the ‘people @ prayer’ Prayer Pilgrimage was launched in the Holy Spirit’s power.

I asked for prayer for Chris Sadler who has volunteered to accompany me throughout the Prayer Pilgrimage as my driver and prayer companion. Unbeknown to me our wives took hands as the prayers were offered. Others also entered into this profound time of coming before the Lord.

Bishop John and Jill Wilson were visiting on this weekend and it was wonderful to have them as part of the Prayer Pilgrimage launch at St George’s Battery Point. John took my retreat and preached at my ordination as Bishop of Tasmania. John and Jill have been a wonderful encouragement to Gayelene and myself over three decades. It is a great gift that they could participate in the event which marked my 10th Anniversary as Bishop; the Prayer Pilgrimage 2010.

PS  John also brought a couple of boxes of his book Christianity alongside Islam which is available for purchase from the Diocesan office for $35.00 (r.r.p. $39.99). Please contact Colleen on 6220 2020 if you would like to purchase a copy.

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