‘The psychology of the front row’

A brave parish rector and venerable gentleman, Noel, showed great courage when he read this revolutionary article to the congregation in order to move them into the front rows.  It happened. I saw it: at a Prayer Pilgrimage gathering. And the people thought it all good sport. Go Anglicans! – forward, that is 🙂

In The psychology of the front row from the June Edition of the Tasmanian Anglican, Doug Edmonds writes that we can tell an Anglican congregation by the fact that the front couple of rows in the church are vacant.

Doug suggests that maybe it is time we should change our ways and move forward on Sunday mornings.

He gives some suggestions as to why we should sit up the front row, here are three:

Sitting up the front shows we recognise that we are participants in worship and not spectators – the further back we are the more we feel we are just looking on.

Sitting up the front gives real encouragement to those who are leading worship.

Sitting up the front helps us to see familiar things in a different way.

Read the rest of Doug’s article here.

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