How do I keep up with the machinations of the world-wide Anglican Communion?

I read God’s’Will an excellent blogger of some trajectory on this theme. I first read Will’s blog while I was at Lambeth 2008 and found it insightful and a great compendium. It even gave me a clue as to what some of the other bishops thought we were achieving. Amazing!

The Anglican Consultative Council 14 is finalising its meetings in Jamaica and a stream of info is flowing which Will is making accessible. This evening I read from his Communion-ications – The Covenant is Dead?

Stephen Noll has a fascinating comment. An excerpt:

‘…I cannot but conclude that the Anglican Communion Covenant is dead. Those who have not followed the “process” of drafting the Covenant may ask if this is not an extreme or premature diagnosis. Perhaps, but I think not.’


How do I keep up with the machinations of the world-wide Anglican Communion? — 3 Comments

  1. Hi +John,

    I agree Will’s blog has been great in this regard, he’s done all the hard yards of culling through the blogs and news and presenting a snapshot of what’s going on.

  2. Ahh! But as well as how you keep up with the machinations, what do you MAKE of them?? While I’m very hopeful for the Anglican Church in Tasmania, I often get the felling the Anglican Communion worldwide is in a ‘terminal’ condition.

  3. Dear John,
    Sadly, I see the unravelling due to inertia and vacillation. As commented in my ‘Reflections on the Lambeth Conference 2008’ I believe that Lambeth 1998 was the last of the world-wide Anglican Communion as we knew it and as I would have wanted it to continue in its prior orthodox belief and practice. Having said that, however, in my Reflection on Lambeth 2008 I also gave 3 years in which to see if the Archbishop of Canterbury and the other ‘Instruments of Unity’ can in fact bring unity to our fractured ‘Communion’.
    My Reflection on Lambeth is at
    John the Preparing his Synod Address

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