Breakfast With Tim In Tassie: ‘Post-Global Financial Crisis – Challenges of Christian Leadership in Uncertain Times’

This is the theme on May 14 in Hobart when Tim Costello, CEO of World Vision Australia, will address a Church Leaders’ Breakfast.

Tim has a prophetic role in the Australian church. The topic he will be addressing is highly apposite. Financial stringency engendered by the Global Financial Crisis can so easily skew our Christian understanding of the world, and there is in my view an urgent need to take a long, hard look at the calls for protectionism, the reversal of globalization and securing our borders.

Now, more so than in ‘good’ times, we need to be asking the hard questions about how our commitment to Christ plays out in our stance towards our fellow travellers on this tottering planet.

I will be a non-break-fasting breakfaster (or is that a fasting attendee?) due to some other matters on my agenda that day. I’ll be the bloke with the unused cutlery and a glass of water!

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