Being a Church in Mission

Being a Church in Mission: Reflections from Tasmania on the Anglican Church of Australia, Anglican Institute Public Lecture 2016, Ridley College Melbourne.

“Imagine you are sitting in front of a Royal Commission Public Hearing. You are in the witness box having taken the Oath. Arrayed before you are Commissioners, barristers, staff, and because it is being live streamed, you are on view to people around the nation. It’s far from a relaxed situation! The Counsel Assisting the Commissioners asks, “Without asking for a sermon, Bishop, would you mind briefly assisting us with what are Anglican values as you see and understand them?”  What comes to your mind? What values define us?””

Download the Lecture here, Anglican Institute Lecture 2016 – Being a Church in Mission (Tas) 11 April 2016

The audio of the Q&A session at the Lecture with Paul Cavanough and myself (unfortunately, the audio of my lecture was lost) is, here

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