Death Notices – a place of honouring and proclaiming

There’s something about Death Notices. Consider Tasmanian Sir Marcus Loane, an outstanding Christian and leader of the Church. So, what would be included in his Death Notice?

I appreciated the family Death Notice being so thoroughly Christian, as befitted the man’s life. Sydney Morning Herald April 15 2009, page 30:-

“Forever with the Lord”
“Until the day break
and the shadows flee away”

My mother’s Death Notice, reflected her commitment to Christ:

“Oh Triune God of my mother, we follow You.”


“Abiding with Jesus,
Till we meet in his arms.”

When in Singapore I have noted that in the Straits Times the Obituary Notices of Christian people include a Bible verse or statement of Christian faith, e.g.,

“Went home to be with the Lord Jesus.”

These notices honour the deceased person and proclaim Christ – a good way to farewell our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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