The Archbishop of Canterbury is unsure. I say, ‘Let’s party!’

Two Pentecost messages via YouTube:

The Archbishop of Canterbury:

‘People sometimes talk about Pentecost as the birthday of the Church. I’ve never been completely sure about this …’

While the goodly Archbishop of Canterbury is pondering the various possible dates that the Church began, in Tasmania we are celebrating the Church’s birthday party on Pentecost Sunday: the coming of the Holy Spirit. Come to Tassie. Get with the Spirit! It’s party time.

In Tasmania,

‘Today I’m wearing my red sox to remind me of Pentecost. What does Pentecost mean to you? Pentecost is big for me…it’s a celebration of the Holy Spirit being let loose into the world. At Pentecost the Church was born. …’

Some links:

For the party animals.

For the unsure.

For the Anglican curious.

For all, rejoice in the Holy Spirit!

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