Season a time of hope

In response to Jennifer Crawley of the Mercury newspaper I made the following comment, published yesterday. Jennifer wrote,

Tasmanians are looking for hope after the recent tragic shootings and economic hard times.

Anglican Bishop John Harrower said,

The church was a good place to think and pray about these events.

We welcome anyone who is looking for hope to come along this Christmas time.

Hope was the most important thing the church has to offer people.

Whether it is Australians going through tough economic times or Tasmanians and Americans mourning, Christmas is about God giving us a sign of hope.

The world can sometimes seem like a dark place, but God has sent a light into the world in a baby born at Christmas.

I encourage Tasmanians to go to a church near them this Christmas and find the hope that Jesus offers freely to everyone.

See also my YouTube and print Bishop’s Christmas message, God speaks life.

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