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Reflecting on the wonder of Jesus Christ and his coming to live a human life I read a quote from the 2nd century Bishop Melito of Sardis. I was inspired by his thoughts and adapted them a little. I trust he forgives my reflection stimulated by his wonderful words. I wrote:

Jesus was carried in the womb of Mary yet is the Life of the world.

Jesus appeared as an infant yet was “Immanuel, God with us.”

Jesus walked on earth yet all the fullness of God lived in him.

Jesus worked as a carpenter yet the world was made through him.

Jesus needed earthly food yet he is the bread of life and whoever comes to him will never hunger.

Jesus asked water of a Samaritan woman yet whoever believes in him will never be thirsty.

Jesus appeared as a shepherd yet remained The Shepherd.

Jesus lived as a servant yet is Lord of all.

Jesus wept over Jerusalem yet in the new Jerusalem every tear will be wiped away.

Jesus gave his life as a ransom for many yet eternal life is in him.

Jesus asked “Who do you say that I am?’ yet God declares, “This is my Beloved Son.”

*The original from — Melito of Sardis, 2nd century Bishop

Though the Son was incorporeal, He formed for Himself a body after our fashion. He appeared as one of the sheep; yet, He still remained the Shepherd. He was esteemed a servant; yet, He did not renounce the Sonship. He was carried in the womb of Mary, yet was arrayed in the nature of His Father. He walked upon the earth, yet He filled heaven. He appeared as an infant, yet He did not discard the eternity of His nature. He was invested with a body, but it did not circumscribe the unmixed simplicity of His Divinity… He needed sustenance inasmuch as He was man; yet, He did not cease to feed the entire world inasmuch as He is God. He put on the likeness of a servant, while not impairing the likeness of His Father.

*How do you seek to express the Incarnation of Jesus Christ?

The Apostle John, inspired by the Holy Spirit, expressed the Incarnation this way:

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory,  the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” – John 1:14

Christmas is a time to recall and celebrate the facts of the coming of Jesus Christ, the Incarnation; this is the purpose of the stimulating article which cited Bishop Melito of Sardis, On the Incarnation of Christ.

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