Decision Time for the Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Guest blogger, Richard Humphrey, the Dean of Hobart, writes:

During this week the Legislative Council will be debating legislation that, if it is passed, will implement a form of Same-Sex Marriage in Tasmania.  Bishop John has been very clear in his opposition to this bill.  He has posted the Anglican Church’s Position Statement in a previous blog article which outlines how the proposed legislation is bad law for all concerned.

We are encouraging people to continue to communicate with their Legislative Councillors, even at this late hour.  An important official petition is still open and can be signed by any Tasmanian citizen. Please consider signing it online here: Currently the numbers of an opposing petition are slightly ahead.  Please encourage those you know to sign as well.

St. David’s Cathedral hosted an encouraging number of people on Monday as we prayed and fasted for the events of this week.  At the end of the day The Hon. Kevin Andrews spoke on Marriage and the Libertarian Revolution.  The audio is now available on the cathedral website.

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