Christian and Muslim Dialogue

Christian and Muslim Dialogue in the light of recent events. A good word from Sam Green:

I see that a French magazine has published insulting cartoons of Muhammad. What a pathetic and counter-productive use of the freedom of speech. In recent years I have had the pleasure of meeting and debating many Muslims both publicly and privately. We have debated our points with vigor while remaining respectful of each other.

We must not let those who want to mock and insult ruin the important process of debate that we are having. Our debates/blogs/comments provide an opportunity to listen and learn from each other, to understand our own position better, to be confronted with uncomfortable truths, to practice patience and grace and to take the things of God seriously. To mock and insult avoids these things.

So I want to encourage all my Christian and Muslim friends to not let the mocking and insult win. Let’s keep on debating with respect.

In Christ

The Revd Samuel Green

PS Respectful title solution (by Sam in the Mercury 27/9/2012),

“A solution to the dilemna … is to speak of Muhammed as “the Muslim Prophet Muhammed”. This is a respectful title yet does not force the Shariah’s requirements on non-Muslims.”


Christian and Muslim Dialogue — 2 Comments

  1. Amen John, insults do nothing to draw people to the love of Christ. John 3:16 states: ‘God so loved the WORLD, that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believes shall not perish but have Eternal life.’
    And again in John 13:35:
    ‘A new commandment I give unto you, that you shall LOVE one another, as I have loved you. By THIS will ALL men know that you are my disciples.’
    Also in 1 Peter 4:8: ‘And ABOVE ALL THINGS have fervent love for one another for LOVE will cover a multitude of sins.’
    There seems to be a trend in the world to try and bring the other person down, to attempt to be-little them in order to attain a measure of self-importance. That is the way of the world and it is very easy to fall into that trap. Lift high the name of JESUS, exalt His name and follow His commandments.
    Gods blessings to you John, an interesting read and an important one for all of us.

  2. Good to be hearing about (well, the constructive engagement that is, and not the insulting cartoons). There needs to be more inter-religious dialogue; understanding should always be paramount and not judgement

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