Interfaith Dialogue: Tassie delegate

Tasmanian Anglican Interfaith Chaplain, Revd Samuel Green, was selected as a member of the Australian delegation at the 6th REGIONAL INTERFAITH DIALOGUE “Strengthening Collaborative Communities to Promote Regional Peace and Security: Interfaith in Action” Semarang, Indonesia, 11-15 March 2012.

Samuel participated in the Education area which produced the following statement:

Education: We strongly recommend:

a. that schools and universities make use of religious adherents to educate about religions, drawing on local, national and regional religious resources;

b. that sister school relationships be established to promote understanding, through face to face contact or utilizing on-line technologies;

c. that our governments promote safe educational environments for interfaith learning and activity;

d. that music, arts, sports and cultural traditions be utilized to foster interfaith understanding;

e. that religious communities develop a core group of interfaith exponents who have expertise and experience in both their own religious traditions and interfaith dialogue;

f. that religious communities take responsibility for acknowledging and overcoming historic and contemporary grievances;

g. that we acknowledge the essential role of interfaith education in building peaceful societies.

As you can see the Interfaith Dialogue produced a significant protocol for use in institutions seeking to respect the different faith traditions. Please take the time to read it. I believe it is a good way forward for acknowledging the similarities and the differences between religions.

The key areas of the Plan of Action are,

  1. Shared Commitments
  2. Leaders of Religious Communities
  3. Civil Society
  4. Youth
  5. Education
  6. Media & Communications

Where faith traditions have similarities, eg, the welfare of the poor, we must work together for the common good. Where there are differences we must respect people holding their faith. Only by such co-operation and respect can we live in harmony.

Thank you Samuel for representing us and for your informative report.

I commend to your reading, A Report on the 6th REGIONAL INTERFAITH DIALOGUE (Rev. Samuel Green)  and the protocol, SEMARANG PLAN OF ACTION. Also, a Circular Letter from General Synod, which is a very positive response to Samuel’s ministry.

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