Founders Day-Launceston Grammar

I was encouraged to read the Founders Day Address given at Launceston Church Grammar School , June 2010, by the Pastoral Dean, Mr Mark Cox.  A snapshot of what Mark said,

On Jesus:   You see many think of Jesus as a truly ‘good bloke’ or as one of history’s ‘great teachers’. Both descriptions are no doubt true. But neither comes anywhere near this statement from Jesus’ own lips. Jesus claimed not only to be God’s ambassador, but God himself. He claimed to be God in our shoes; God as “one of us”.

Reading the four Gospels (the life stories of Jesus) is like being treated to front row seats in the most amazing show of all – God, walking in our shoes. We can learn about what God is like and what God’s purpose is for our lives. For God calls each of us to a life of purpose – a life of service – to Him and to each other.

On the School’s Founders:   Our Founders may not have envisaged Grammar as we know it today, but they knew the God who held the school’s future in his hands….we are told that the founders of the school were gentlemen who took part in community activities – and were supporters of all the charitable and supporting societies in Launceston.

For many generations God has called ordinary men and women to positions of leadership, work and service in and for the people of Launceston and the world beyond. Tonight we give thanks for the lives of all these who have gone before us, for the pioneering character, vision and honest toil of those men and women who have faithfully served Grammar and Broadland House.

The principles and practices of our Founders still have relevance to us today & they will do so into the future.

And so we too should seek wisdom, so that we may recognise that which is good and noble in our time, how best to blend it with what that we have received from the past and so hand on to those who will come after us a school heritage made richer, and one that continues to serve God’s purposes today and into the future.

Like our Founders we should heed the words of the writer of Proverbs:

Trust in the LORD with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding; in all our ways acknowledge him, and he will make our paths straight.

Mark has kindly given me permission to put his LCGS Founders Day Address up on our website, here.

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