Solomon Islands: Media brief

936 ABC Radio Hobart’s Leon Compton ‘Statewide Mornings’ speaks with me from 10.30 am tomorrow morning about my trip to Solomon Islands earlier this month. I am excited about the opportunity to share some of what I learnt. If you can listen please let me know your thoughts.

For your interest the media briefing said:

Eye opening trip to the Solomon Islands

for Bishop of Tasmania

Tasmanian Bishop John Harrower has just returned from the Solomon Islands where he joined World Vision Australia’s chief executive Tim Costello to visit programs that address widespread domestic violence issues through church partnerships.

“The visit was an eye opener into the culture of the Solomon Islands, their needs, joys and sorrows. I saw the difference that basic development projects make to the communities,” said Bishop Harrower.

“An astounding 2 in 3 Solomon Islander women have experienced physical or sexual violence. So in a context where 97% of the population are Christian, World Vision’s Channels of Hope programs have seen great success by partnering with church leaders to promote gender equality,” he said.

Both the Bishop and Rev Costello participated in the Channels of Hope for Gender workshops, which challenge commonly misinterpreted Bible verses and offer alternatives which reflect how women should be valued and treated in society.

The two leaders met with the Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo and Australian High Commissioner, Matt Anderson.

The visit also highlighted the importance of a healthy environment. “I also saw the need for a focus on the environment, particularly the impact that rising sea levels have on Solomon Islanders,” Bishop Harrower said.

All a bit formal but that’s a media release/ briefing.  See also, Solomon Islands’ Trip.

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