Some Comments on Marriage

In response to a number of requests I have gathered together some of my comments on marriage. I trust they are of help to fuel our prayer for our politicians as they consider whether to redefine marriage.  Shalom in Christ, John

Affirming the current definition of marriage.

From a media release in 2005:

“[I]…voice my support of the understanding of marriage as being between a man and a woman.  I believe that marriage relationships, understood in this historical way, are a vital foundation of our community life and its definition should remain as is currently the case.”

Affirming the recognition of same-sex couples and the removal of discrimination in practice

From a media release in 2005:

“…I was pleased to support the rights of gay and lesbian couples in seeking such things as access to superannuation, visiting rights in hospitals and establishing a register of significant same-sex relationships.”

From a media release in 2011:

“I have consistently supported the recognition of gay and lesbian relationships and have advocated for appropriate legal protection for gay and lesbian couples in areas where there was formerly discrimination.”

Further Background Information

Earlier this year I endorsed the following words and distributed them to those who were responding to an online survey on this topic.

This issue is not one of equality or inequality. Many of the rights and responsibilities afforded in law to a marriage are also rightly applied to de-facto couples, same-sex couples, and other significant relationships.  Where this is not the case, the law can be modified with respect to the specifics of the situation.

This issue is about re-definition.  Redefinition is injurious when it removes an aspect of a relationship that is fundamental to its nature.  The heterosexual nature of marriage is fundamental as evidenced by

a) the ideals and understandings of virtually every civilisation in history

b) the categorical basics of human biology

c) the fundamentals of human society which seeks to form a coherent arrangement of biological, familial and sociological relationships for the benefit and longevity of the whole community, not just the happiness of the couple.

d) religious beliefs and philosophical positions which affirm a sacred and holistic sense of marriage as a unity-in-gender-diversity, a joining-of-gender-differences.

For many who have entered into the institution of marriage tampering with the fundamental heterosexual nature of marriage would make the institution of marriage unrecognisable.

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