Marriage: Thank you Senator Polley

To Senator Helen Polley from the Dean of Hobart.

Re: Thank you for your stance not redefining marriage

Dear Helen,

Thank you for your call to resist any change to the Labour Party’s position on redefining marriage.

Whilst some have attacked your position there are, I am sure, many like me who are grateful for your courage in taking this stand.

The Anglican Church in Tasmania has also worked to remove discrimination but believes that any change in this area fundamentally changes what marriage means. (You may have seen Bishop John Harrower’s press release on this issue. If not, here is the link

This is not a position that “beggars belief” as one of your colleagues was reported to have said about your position but is on the basis of belief.

It worries me exceedingly that opinions can be discounted as they were in Monday’s Mercury article because they are faith positions. If we replaced the word “faith” with “gender”, or “race” this would be seen to be discriminatory in the extreme.

Thank you again.

God bless

Richard Humphrey

Dean of Hobart

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