Euthanasia rates in the Netherlands

Euthanasia in the Netherlands:

The rate of euthanasia in the Netherlands has increased by 73% in the last 8 years (1815 reported deaths in 2003, 3136 reported deaths in 2010) and even more important, the rate of euthanasia has increased by almost 35% in the past two years (2331 reported deaths in 2008, 3136 reported deaths in 2010).

Combined with the growth in the use of terminal sedation for people who are not otherwise dying “slow euthanasia” and the slight increase in the number of unreported euthanasia deaths, one must conclude that there are abuses occurring in the Netherlands.

On March 1, a euthanasia clinic in the Netherlands launched six mobile euthanasia teams in the Netherlands. The NVVE, euthanasia lobby in the Netherlands, announced that they anticipate that the mobile euthanasia teams would complete 1000 euthanasia deaths per year.

The mobile euthanasia teams plan to fill unmet demand for euthanasia for people with chronic depression (mental pain), people with disabilities, people with dementia/Alzheimer, loneliness, and those whose request for euthanasia is declined by their physician. In 2010 45% of all euthanasia requests resulted in death by euthanasia.

Legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide is not safe and the safeguards that are devised to control euthanasia do not protect the dying, but rather they protect the doctor.

Finally: Have you ever wondered why there are no prosecutions for deaths without request or consent in the Netherlands?


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  1. It’s coming from both ends. There are over 30 abortions in Darwin Hospital ever week and now there is going to be another NT private members bill to legalise euthanasia here. Thankfully our new Chief Minister (described in NT News as a “Church-going Christian”), whilst allowing the vote will not support it and NT News reckons it will not get through the Parliament this time.

  2. Thanks Phillip.
    I am convinced the euthanasia strategy, like marriage redefinition /same sex marriage is ‘legislation by exhaustion’.

    It is very sad and indeed tragic for us given that substantial societal issues which need addressing by our governments are not receiving their due attention.

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