Anglicans Urge Parliament To Reject Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

Wednesday 8th August 2012



The Anglican Church in Tasmania has today urged Members of Parliament to reject the Premier’s proposed legislation to allow same-sex marriage in Tasmania.

The Church continues to hold the position that marriage is a lifelong union between a man and a woman, voluntarily entered into for life. This position was strongly supported by the 200 Tasmanian Anglican Church leaders at its recent Synod in June 2012.

Spokesperson for the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania, Assistant Bishop Ross Nicholson, today responded to the Premier’s recently announced intention to introduce legislation to parliament.

Bishop Nicholson said, “The Bishop of Tasmania has consistently supported the recognition of gay and lesbian relationships and has advocated for appropriate legal protection for gay and lesbian couples in areas where there was formerly discrimination.

“The Premier’s proposal is not about equality, it is about the redefinition of marriage itself. Such redefinition does not extend rights to a minority, it only imposes a novel and unnecessary view on to everyone.

“The fact that she is choosing to follow a path that resorts to constitutional loopholes and legal complexities only adds to that imposition. “Maintaining a distinction between marriage relationships and committed same-gender relationships does not imply inequality. Rather, it means that we can continue to affirm that marriage, by incorporating family, social and biological rights and responsibilities into a universally recognised institution, is truly something to be ‘honoured by all.’”

Bishop Harrower is currently on leave. Bishop Nicholson may be contacted for comment using the details below.

Contact: Bishop Ross Nicholson: 6331 5218

Download the media release here.

You can also find the media release on the diocesan website here.


Anglicans Urge Parliament To Reject Same-Sex Marriage Legislation — 2 Comments

  1. Allthough I agree with most of these remarks, I believe that it is imperative that Churches clearly state the biblical view; that marriage is instituted by God exclusively between a man and a woman.

  2. I am very disturbed to think that the definition of marriage may be
    changed if Parliament agree to “same-sex marriage legislation”. Marriage
    is between a man and a woman. Should “same-sex” couples wish to live together, they may have a ceremony to celebrate their love for each other, and I wish them well, but how can it be called a marriage? I pray
    that Parliamentarians will prayerfully consider their decision and listen
    very carefully to those who do feel distressed by the change that is being considered.
    Jill Faulkner

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