Pastoral Care Resources #2 (Grief)

Jill McGilvray led an excellent elective on Grief at the Ministry Conference in July. She also gave a few keynote addresses, which touched everyone’s hearts.

Grief is something we all experience. I hope and pray that this resource will be of value and comfort to you: Grief workshop.

Grief is the sum of all our responses to a loss…not just our sadness.

It is:

  • Individual
  • Understandable…imagine if you didn’t grieve
  • Unpredictable
  • Overwhelming
  • Not time-bound

Grief has many causes: Material, Relational, Systemic, Functional, Intrapsychic, Role

You can also find this resource on our website here.

I also commend Jill McGilvray’s book God’s Love in Action: Pastoral Care for Everyone.

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