Equality for All – Dean of Hobart

This letter to the editor from The Very Reverend Richard Humphrey, Dean of Hobart, appeared in The Mercury today:

Equality for all

Your cartoon (Mercury, September 20) suggests anyone who opposes the proposed redefinition of marriage has no right to speak This is contradictory in a debate about equality and rights. Further, we are told to mind our own business, yet it is a minority who seek to irrevocably change what marriage means for the rest of the community, and with it the understanding of family. The Anglican Church in Tasmania has supported same-sex relationships and advocated for protection from discrimination of same-sex couples legislation. We also will continue to uphold marriage as taught by Jesus and defined in law as between a man and woman.”

Also see Response to Greens’ Motion which includes my media release sent out yesterday. You may also want to vote NO to the redefinition of marriage here (Mercury Webpoll).


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