Miss Marple or the Budget?

Decisions, decisions. I’m not sure what to watch on TV tonight: Miss Marple or the Federal Treasurer’s Budget and Special?

Both are on ABC1 Tv but I can only spare time for one of them.

Considerations of advantages and disadvantages:

The Budget Speech and Budget Special:

Advantages: a. This has national and international significance beyond my small world.  b. It is one hour in length.

Disadvantage: a. It is the Budget Speech.

Miss Marple:

Disadvantage a. It is 35 minutes longer than the Budget. and  b. It is has winners and losers, i.e. is as equally ‘bloody’ as the Budget.

Advantage: a. The ‘goodies’ win and  b. it has a nice ending.

The Winner: Miss Marple!  🙂


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