Wellspring is building

Construction is underway at Wellspring Anglican Church in Hobart and we invited the media to come along. See our media release with information about Wellspring and the building project, here.

The journalist and photographer from the Hobart Mercury duly arrived and they spent a good half an hour with us.

When dealing with the media I confess to a degree of uncertainty as the final product is out of our hands and very public! What would the resultant article be?

I was very pleased to see that the Chinese membership and ministry of Wellspring was highlighted, Church, Chinese embrace.  A good sized photograph drew attention to the article.

I am grateful to the Mercury for this positive article on one of our parish churches. Thank you to all involved. The only ‘glitch’ in the story that my critical eye could see was the lack of information about other Wellspring ministries that are contributing to growth. But I am grateful for the article’s emphasis.

Please pray for a safe work site, that construction goes to plan and the new Wellspring Church building will be used to build worship, fellowship and outreach in Jesus’ name, through the power of the Holy Spirit and to the glory of God the Father. Amen.


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  1. I shall be there on Sunday (13/5), with my camera if I remember it.

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