Church should support Charter of Rights: Brennan

 Jesuit Frank Brennan continues to push the Charter of Rights, as we await the National Government’s decision on a Committee’s Report into this matter. The Report Committee was chaired by Frank Brennan.

Churches would be in a better position to allow judges to override any privileges some church leaders might be granted by elected politicians, he said.

Fr Brennan insists the charter won’t impede upon any religious freedoms.

“I could not see the charter itself, and its faithful implementation, working any harm to the freedom of religion,” he told the conference.

“We as a church can do better in promoting justice for all in our land.”

Full article, Churches urged to back charter of rights by Susanna Dunkerley, in SMH 8 February 2010.

 For the Address in which Frank Brennan develops his thoughts and reflects on his own commitment as a Christian to public policy formation see, The Church as Advocate in the Public Square: Lessons from the National Human Rights Consultation. 

Section 3, page 7.   The Place for Human Rights 

Section 4, page 12.  Church Concerns with the Victorian Charter

This is not an address to read when tired! But it is valuable in gaining an insight into one of Australia’s leading ‘public Christians’ – whether you agree with him or not. 🙂

In this latter regard I note Karin Sowada (a Christian also involved in the public square) in her provocative  Top 7 Political Trends in 2010, stating in her No. 6, an opposite view on the Charter of Human Rights to Frank Brennan’s,

6.  The Charter of Human Rights is a dead duck. Attorney-General Robert McClelland said as much in a recent interview with the Financial Review. We will get a beefed-up parliamentary committee (or committees) to oversee our human rights obligations. (For a pdf document of Sydney Diocese position on human rights, click here ) Likewise, the Federal Freedom of Religious Belief Project will go nowhere. What is happening in Britain under a strident ‘rights’ agenda is so scary that even moderates in Australia won’t want to go there. (For a pdf document of the Sydney Diocese FRB submission, click here).

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