Desecrating graves in Libya

An informative brief on Muslim rationales for the desecration of graves, including certain Muslim graves.

Note the importance of the Traditional Islamic texts and the model of Muhammad for Muslim people.

Desecrating Christian and Jewish Graves in Libya

In the light of other parallels, the destruction of this cemetery cannot be regarded as simply a senseless act done by a ‘rampaging mob’.  It was a thoughtful, deliberate act, which conforms to a widely attested pattern, namely the destruction of crosses, support for which can be found in canonical Islamic sources and the teaching of Muhammad.  It also conforms to a pattern of destruction of grave sites, of both non-Muslims and Muslims, by Muslims.

This event had little if anything to do with Koran-burning by the US military.

Full article by Mark Durie plus YouTube video,  Desecrating Christian and Jewish Graves in Libya

Newspaper report of the incident, Australian graves among the desecrated in Libya

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