Pastors praying 4 Parliamentarians

Last night a group of about 50 Church Leaders gathered to pray for our government and parliamentarians.

We commenced in repentance before the Lord. Significant issues of our society were addressed through reading Scripture and prayer. Issues included:

  • Respect for government and law, Romans 13:1-7;
  • Wisdom for finances and prosperity for our community, 2 Corinthians 9:6-12;
  • Harmony and civility in disagreement and debate, Psalm 133;
  • Schools, education and children, Proverbs 4:1-9;
  • The health care system and care for the aged and vulnerable, Matthew 25:34-40;
  • Police, judiciary and prison system, Exodus 23:1-9; and more!

We also prayed for our parliamentarians themselves: for their public role and private life and wellbeing.

I was deeply touched by Church Leaders from right across the spectrum of our rich tapestry of Christian Communities in Tasmania praying together for the government of our society.

We are truly the ‘Church in Society’ exercising in prayer our twin citizenship: Citizens of the Kingdom of God and Citizens of Australia.

I will be writing to all our Tasmanian state parliamentarians advising them of the Leaders of the Church coming together to pray for them.

Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ for joining together in prayer.

Thank you heavenly Father for this blessing. Amen.

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