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A letter from the Bishop of Tasmania to the Bishop of South Carolina

[fri 14.oct.2011] In response to news from the Diocese of South Carolina (click here for more information), I wrote the following letter to Bishop Mark Lawrence.

14 October 2011

Rt. Rev’d Mark Lawrence
The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina Post Office Box 20127
Charleston SC 29413
United States of America

Dear Brother,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I received with deep concern and sadness the news of formal allegations against you and your diocese with respect to some ill-defined sense of abandoning the faith of the Church.

I write so that my recognition and support of you as a Brother Bishop in the Anglican Communion may be clear and unambiguous, and to assure you of my prayer for you and your leadership team at this time.

It has become clear over recent years, and it was certainly my experience at the Lambeth Conference of 2008: not only are the revisionist pursuits of certain parties clearly no longer bounded by the fundamental witness of the gospel in Scripture, but the means of that pursuit seem no longer bounded by the common human wisdom of good grace and fairness. The fact that current events demonstrate a willingness to impugn the fundamental character of Episcopal polity is a demonstration of their intransigence.

Nevertheless, please be encouraged in the Lord Jesus in whose sufferings you share and in whose resurrection hope we live and minister.

I note the words at the top of your diocesan website – “…that all may come to know Him…” Our Lord Jesus is indeed our sole focus, our joy, our salvation; and the knowledge of him our goal for ourselves and all those we meet. He is the head of the church and his promise to his people is secure.

May his grace and peace be with you and the faithful saints of the Diocese of South Carolina.

Yours sincerely in the bonds of Christ,


John Harrower
Bishop of Tasmania

Click here to read the letter.

Bishop Lawrence’s reply

Please convey my profound appreciation to Bishop Harrower for this most encouraging letter to me and to the Diocese of South Carolina.  It lifts the spirit, heartens the soul and strengthens our arms and hands for the tasks ahead.

Gratefully yours,

Mark Lawrence

XIV Bishop of South Carolina

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