Urgent prayer 4 Afghan Christians

From Mark Durie, An Open Letter from the Afghan Christian Community – AN URGENT PLEA FOR HELP & INTERVENTION

This post passes on an urgent and passionate plea for help and intervention on behalf of Afghan Christians. It has been issued by Afghan Christians in India, in response to a very recent wave of arrests, torture, and imprisonment of Christians in Afghanistan.  An Afghan member of parliament has even called for Afghan Christians to be executed publicly. 
The letter from the Afghan Christians concludes :
So, dear brothers and sister (the Body of Christ), we (Afghan Christian Community in New Delhi) on behalf of all Afghan Christians request you to support us by your prayers and practical measures, let us tell the Afghan Government that we are not pagans and infidels, we are not criminals because of our Christian faith, and let us tell them not to sentence us to death.

May God bless you!
Afghan Christian Community
(Obaid S. Christ)

Read the whole post including the Afghan Christian Community letter here. Information from the Barnabas Fund here.

Links on current persecution of Afghan Christians – Addresses to write to and more, courtesy of Mark Durie.

My request for prayer for freedom of religious expression.

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