4 Prayer: Tasmanian Budget

Does the Treasurer’s 2010-2011 Budget for Tasmania benefit all Tasmanians?

Not so according to Anglicare Tasmania. Their media release in response to the State Budget stated that the

delivery of a ‘cautious’ state budget was a missed opportunity to make adequate long term investment in public housing and mental health…it risked leaving low-income Tasmanians behind….while the economy is stable at present, there are predictions that we may be coming into a difficult time

 Treasurer Michael Aird, however, would rather focus on the fact that the budget is operating at surplus

The budget delivers a return to an operating surplus of $31.9 million by 2012-13. At that time, Tasmania will be the only jurisdiction in Australia with an operating surplus and no net government debt.

The days of Tasmania laying claim to be a tiger-economy appear over. Certainly, yesterday’s state budget suggests the island state has turned the corner after the down turn. – Matthew Denholm, Tasmanian correspondent for The Australain

Anglicare’s media release, June 2010 – Response to State Budget

Sue Neale’s article from The Mercury, Election promises drain till

Matthew Denholms article from The Australian, Doubts linger on Tasmania’s future

For more on the 2010-2011 Budget, Tasmanian Budget 2010-2011 A Strong Tasmania

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