Parliament of Religions-It’s coming!

I am preparing to participate in the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne early next month. I am looking forward to joining with Archbishop Philip Freier of Melbourne in a worship time in which I have been invited to preach the sermon. Unfortunately the workshop I was to give seems to have dropped off the program!? – that bloke Murphy strikes again! Nevertheless, it means I can have even more opportunities to engage with people in learning and sharing.

I found  Jesus Christ among the Religions by Archbishop Denis Hart of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne stimulating as it sets out their approach to participation in the Parliament of World Religions. Kairos Catholic Journal, 15 November 2009 Volume 20, Issue 21. [I last enjoyed talking with Archbishop Denis during an early morning walk in Melbourne.] The whole article is worth your time. A taste,

We naturally want to engage with and seek to understand people of other faiths in order to ensure that our relationships with them are harmonious and peaceful and that their human right to freedom of belief is respected, just as we wish our rights to be respected.

At the same time, we also always keep in mind that we have been commissioned to give constant witness to our faith in Jesus Christ as the true and unique revelation of God, as our Saviour and as the one who can lead us to true holiness and communion with God.

Where there is truth and holiness in other religions, we acknowledge this, and use it as an opportunity in dialogue to bear witness that wherever truth and holiness exists, it has its ultimate source in Jesus Christ. Our dialogue with people of other faiths will also give us the opportunity for giving account of our hope of salvation in Jesus.

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