Bishop’s Prayer Retreat 2009 – ‘Walking in Holiness’

Each year I take time for a prayer retreat, drawing aside from the daily demands for prayer and reflection, to nurture my relationship with God and to seek wisdom in my life and ministry. It is a precious time.

This year I have decided to conduct the annual ‘Bishop’s Retreat’ myself . I have been developing the theme, ‘Walking in Holiness’, from the material and feedback from the talks I gave at the St Andrew’s Cathedral, Singapore, Family Camp in 2008.

The retreat program is taking shape and the talks to develop our prayer and reflection on the theme ‘Walking in Holiness’ will involve,

  1. God of Holiness – Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty
  2. The Call of the Holy – Be holy as I am Holy
  3. The Holy – Revealing, rescuing and calling
  4. The Spirit of Holiness – regenerating, transforming, glorifying
  5. The fruit of the Spirit – keeping in step with the Spirit
  6. Habits of Holiness – strengthening the holiness walk
  7. Walking in Holiness – growing in Christlikeness

It takes time to become holy. We need to take time to be holy.

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