‘ahealthychurch…transforminglife’ 2004

A current writing engagement requires online access to this 2004 document, ahealthyChurchtransformingLife.

With the growing awareness in 2004 of needing to respond to survivors of child sexual abuse, the Anglican Church in Tasmania determined to do all that we could to build a culture of safety and wellbeing for children and the vulnerable. Our vision statement reflected our heart’s desire to be ‘a healthy church … transforming life’. 

The first part, ‘ahealthychurch’, was the challenge to examine our strengths and weaknesses with honesty and grace – nothing was to be ‘off the table’. As a diocese we committed to becoming what God wants us to be, mature disciples of Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:28). In order to achieve this aim, every one of us needed to submit to the transforming work of God: ‘transforminglife‘ is God’s heart desire.

See the vision document, ‘ahealthyChurchtransformingLife‘ at, transformingLIFE[1] 

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