David’s Prayer

It is twenty years since the death of my father-in-law, David Robin, and in honour of him and in order to be refreshed by his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I share a prayer that he wrote in his dying days. He simply entitled it:

David’s Prayer

Dear God, – in great humility – I thank you!

I thank you for the many, many blessings in my life.
I thank you for giving me a loving, caring wife and family.
I thank you for the family of the Church, for their prayers and their offers of help and support.
I thank you that you have given me (and have given Melva) great comfort and extra time of living beyond what was expected with the ill health we experienced.
I thank you for teaching me to ‘place my trust’ in you.

Mostly, I thank you for the guidance you gave me in my struggle over many years in trying to understand the mysteries of Jesus Christ.
For so long, I read and discussed the subject but could not come to grips with prayer. But then I experienced your wondrous love and the way you do hear us and answer us.
Thank you for all that – and, as I leave my friends and family, I look forward to the next phases of your promises.

I thank you in and through the name of Jesus Christ.

*A note from John:
David was profoundly helped in his searching and growing discipleship through the fellowship of the Church Missionary Society (CMS Australia) with which my wife (David and Melva’s daughter), myself and our family served overseas for nine years. The Bible teaching, shared experiences of God’s active work in the world, regular prayer meetings and the company of lively Christians from around Australia and elsewhere were treasured by him, gave him confidence in speaking of his faith, and helped him to increasingly place his trust in God. We thank God for David’s life, and for the ministry to us of ‘David’s Prayer’.

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