BCA Councillor Introduction

Here are the personal notes about my commitment to Christ and the ministry of BCA which I was invited to share in the Councillor’s Column of The Real Australian, Summer edition 2017/18

Following her return to Christ, my mother blessed me by encouraging my attendance, during childhood and youth, at our local Anglican Church. However, I drifted away and it was through a Bible study and God’s grace that in my twenties I knelt at my bed and prayed a simple yet profound commitment to Christ. My wife, Gayelene, also committed her life to Christ at that time and we give thanks that ever since we have lived together in the joy and comfort of God’s embrace.

We became BCA members while serving with CMS in Argentina for nine years. During that time, we felt we should continue our concern for mission in Australia and so we joined BCA and began receiving information and encouragement to support ‘Australia for Christ ‘.

Upon our return to Australia and involvement in parish ministry in Melbourne our support for BCA continued. This involvement with BCA deepened during our 15 years in Tasmania. BCA is a long term partner in the mission and ministry of the Diocese of Tasmania and, as Bishop of Tasmania, I was privileged to work closely in developing new opportunities for mission. Because we saw so clearly the vital support of BCA missioners in areas of need, I willingly accepted the invitation to serve as President of BCA. It is a privilege and joy to continue in that role, and give to BCA a little of the great gifts I saw given to Tasmania (during my 15 years serving as the Bishop of the Anglican Church of Tasmania).

Now, in Melbourne, we attend BCA functions and continue our support for BCA, including running a monthly prayer meeting in our home for BCA. What a joy it is to serve God through such a visionary, strategic and prayerful family such as BCA!

May the God continue to bless the Bush Church Aid Society and all who minister through her fellowship in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Right Rev’d John Harrower OAM

President BCA

Bishop Assisting the Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia

*[Information about BCA’s mission, including prayer notes, at Bush Church Aid.]

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