Sparklit 2015 Book of the Year: Shortlist

Sparklit encourages life-changing Christian writing so that lives, communities and cultures are transformed as people discover Jesus in a way that is authentic and culturally meaningful.

The Australian Christian Book of the Year, Young Australian Christian Writer and Teen Writer awards are given annually for original writing by Australian citizens. These awards recognise and encourage excellence in Australian Christian writing.

The 2015 Australian Book of the Year Shortlist details are:

The Suburban Captivity of the Church: Contextualising the Gospel for Post-Christian Australia by Tim Foster (Acorn Press)
Captains of the Soul: A History of Australian Army Chaplains by Michael Gladwin (Big Sky Publishing)
Jonathan Edwards and the Church by Rhys Bezzant (Oxford University Press)
Time Poor Soul Rich by Anne Winckel (Ark House Press)
A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible by John Dickson (Zondervan)
The Wisdom of Islam and the Foolishness of Christianity by Richard Shumack (Island View Publishing)
What if? by Kristen Young (Fervr)
Giving Generously by Rod Irvine (Barton Books)
The Gospel of the Lord by Michael Bird (Eerdmans)

The Australian Christian Book of the Year will be announced during the 2015 SparkLit Celebration Supper on Thursday 13 August, commencing at 7:30pm (St Alfred’s Anglican Church, Blackburn North, Victoria)

Buy tickets online or use your credit card and call 1300 13 77 25 or write to

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