Murder Mystery on Flinders Island

Joy cometh with the Mourning book coverEarlier in the year I visited the enchanting Flinders Island and met some of the Anglican community.  One of these people was Dave Freer who is the author of the book “Joy Cometh with the Mourning“.  I brought a copy of this e book and thoroughly enjoyed the captivating read. The characters are well developed and the lively plot has engaging twists and turns. I am told that the book is pitched to 30 year olds, and I can say that it is also enjoyed by this reader at double that age! Enjoy! 🙂

The Bush Church Aid (BCA) recently published an article about this book, so I thought I would share this with you.  I encourage you to buy this book as you will enjoy it and the sale of which helps the ministry of the Furneaux Islands. The BCA (edited) article:

“As a fundraiser for our small Anglican Parish here of the Furneaux Islands, one of our congregation – Dave Freer, who is a professional author of 20 novels – has written a ‘Cosy’ Whodunnit and donated the book’s rights to the church.  The book is about Reverend Joy, who is a rather timid, urban priest, sent out to a little parish far beyond the black stump. Her predecessor was found dead in his own church under mysterious circumstances. Joy finds herself having to heal the rifts this has caused in a tight-knit rural community. The only way to do that is to solve the mystery surrounding Reverend Hallam’s death.

“It is a gentle, comfort-read about the quirky characters, the loves and the warmth of country people and has been described as somewhere between an Agatha Christie and a Miss Read novel. L. Jagi Lamplighter, an American children’s author, has said about the book, “It is the kind of book that one can share with one’s non-Christian friends, and yet the strength of the character’s faith shines through.”

“The cover was painted by Anne Davis, one of the artists in our congregation.

“So we offer you a good read with “Joy Cometh With The Mourning” (available as an e-book for $3.99, on Amazon, or paper copy for $11.99).”

To read the complete Autumn edition of the Real Australian, please select this link.

To find out more about BCA (Bush Church Aid) please see this link.

PS A note from the Parish of the Furneaux Islands:

“Our parish, without a Rector, is waiting, praying and hoping. However on the Furneaux Islands, the church is alive!  Exciting opportunities for engaging with the community have challenged us and lifted our spirits.

“Sadly, our congregations do not often include children and it is difficult to engage meaningfully with young families.  But twice this year we have been able to provide programmes for children when there have been ‘pupil-free’ days at the school.”

Let’s support the Parish through the purchase and gifting of Dave Freer who is the author of the book “Joy Cometh with the Mourning“.

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