Euthanasia: ‘Dying with dignity’ or ‘The throw-away society’?

On the Friday afternoon of May 22 just prior to Synod’s commencement, I was contacted by the ‘Mercury’. My rather longer interview comments were reduced in the Saturday newspaper to ‘the proposal set off “all his alarm bells”.’

I had elaborated on four basic points:

  1. God gives life and God takes it away
  2. It is not for another human being to take life
  3. Dangers of euthanasia to the sufferer, family & friends, and society
  4. Need for society to provide proper care for sufferers (palliative care)

On the way home from Synod I was contacted by ‘Examiner’ reporter Ellena Midgley whose report, Church condemns euthanasia bill’, appeared Monday May 25:

“THE Anglican Church has condemned the latest bid to legalise voluntary euthanasia, while new polling has shown that three- quarters of Tasmanians want the option.

“Bishop John Harrower said he strongly opposed Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim’s Dying With Dignity Bill, and encouraged MPs to vote against it for the betterment of Tasmania.”

This Tuesday’s May 26 ‘Mercury’ has brilliant comment by the highly respected and experienced Hobart Dr Paul Dunne in an article by Sally Glaetzer, Doctor challenges death Bill In part,

TASMANIANS will lose the ability to “grow” from the experience of death if euthanasia laws are passed, an expert says.

Hobart palliative care physician Paul Dunne said he often marvelled at the benefits a family got when their loved one was on their deathbed.

“It is one of the remaining rituals that we have in our society because that person lying in the bed is very powerful in bringing families together.”

Dr Dunne said (if the euthanasia legislation was passed) the result would be a “throw-away society”.

“As a society we’re going to lose a hell of a lot of wisdom, that ability to grieve properly and live properly,” he said.

“It is really treating life like a commodity.”

The Australian Christian Lobby is participating and has a link to a Sunrise interview on the Tasmanian bill. ACL also provides links: click here to view the piece and to Channel Seven’s blog discussion which you may wish to join.

Bishop Ross Nicholson is participating on a ‘Hypotheticals’ panel for the palliative care unit in Launceston.

I have been asked to write an article to appear on Friday in the Examiner newspaper.

It’s all happening in Tassie! We work and pray, pray and work. Please join us.


Euthanasia: ‘Dying with dignity’ or ‘The throw-away society’? — 1 Comment

  1. Hey John,
    Keep standing for the truth brother. The church has a vital role in speaking to our community, and you are doing an excellent job. For those who believe God is real, the words from a man of God are helpful and sought out in times like these. Thank you for taking the opportunities given to you to boldly speak that truth.
    Cheers, Rob.

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