Engaging with Islam

I met with Samuel Green recently and he kindly gave me a copy of a training DVD – Engaging with Islam.  This training course equips Christians to explain their faith to Muslims, and to speak sensibly about Islam.  The course is a mixture of preparation, discussion, and video presentation.  If you would like to run this as a course, Leader notes are provided.  Course notes are also available from the website: www.engagingwithislam.org.

The DVD includes the following topics:

Love Everyone
Life of Muhammad
Qur’an & Hadith
Basic Beliefs
Pillars of Islam
Talking with Muslims
Bible & Qur’an
Gospel According to Muhammad
Is Jesus God?
Son of God & Trinity
Death of Jesus

For those who would like to know more about Islam and how to connect with and share Christianity to Muslims, I would encourage you to purchase these DVDs (available from Koorong) and have a look at the Engaging with Islam website which has some wonderful resources. Other resources from Samuel Green, http://answering-islam.org/Green/

See also, the excellent book by my episcopal mentor, Bishop John Wilson, Christianity Alongside Islam, Book Review here  and  my Address at the Book’s Launch.

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