‘Christianity alongside Islam’- Book Review

This excellent review of the book ‘Christianity alongside Islam’, by John W Wilson (Brunswick East: Acorn Press, 2010, $39.99) concludes,

Into whose hands would I put this book, then? Certainly into the hands of anyone – Christian, Jew, Muslim, agnostic – who goes in search of understanding of the connection between life and faith, and the ways in which each touches the other in private and public life, and who values the other person as a fellow human being of unique worth. (This latter point is a major thread running throughout +John’s book.). I would encourage undergraduates in theology to read it, too, given that they – like all of us – are immersed in sound-bite cultures which often take short cuts and declare easy judgements: this book offers some solid foundational material on which to build.

Christianity alongside Islam is a book that is a clear, concise reference work – whether for an expanded historical reference, an Arabic term, a map, a patrilineal schema, or an encouragement to practical, hospitable living. It will find a place on many bookcases in many studies; even, perhaps, in the odd garage…

The Right Revd Dr Mark Burton is the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne.

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