Leaders and followers – Equipping our children

James Oakley has written a stimulating article in his column ‘Parents as Pastors’. Please read on:

The question that has stuck with me is this: how does this idea (of leaders and followers) translate to my family?
How do I lead my children in a way that helps them to understand ‘followership’?

As I write, I am challenged to respond by asking three questions of myself:

1.  How am I modeling ‘followership’? What message do my children get when they hear me talk about our church leadership, or our nation’s leadership? What pattern do my children see when they are in the car with me, or at school pick up, or out shopping? Are my children following a servant-leader, or a rebel?

2.  How does the way I lead my children affect their ability to submit? Do I approach family decisions prayerfully? Am I willing to explain myself and my decisions to my children? Am I open to hearing from them and discussing decisions?

3.  What do I need to do to help them understand what they are experiencing under my leadership? Where are the ‘teachable moments’? Are there steps I can build in and explain to the children when we are in a dispute about a family decision? Do I articulate how I hear and consider their objections?

What about you? What is God saying to you today about how you equip your children to live and lead well in community with others?

James Oakley
See full article: http://www.tasmaniananglican.com/ta201406-05/

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