St. David’s Cathedral hosts Jessie Taylor

St. David’s Cathedral will be hosting a Friday Forum with barrister and refugee advocate, Jessie Taylor on January 31st.  I encourage you to attend.

How and why civil society offers REFUGE to those in need.

People at our Door

Barrister and Refugee Advocate
will speak and answer your questions.

Friday, Jan 31, 2014
1pm – 2pm
St. David’s Cathedral

Jessie TaylorJessie Taylor has a broad practice in private and public law. She works particularly administrative law, crime, compensation, mental health, human rights & equal opportunity and migration.

Jessie is the author of the report ‘Behind Australian Doors: Examining the Conditions of Detention of Asylum Seekers in Indonesia’. She is co-writer and producer of the films ‘We Will Be Remembered For This’ (2007) and ‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’ (2011).

Jessie has Honours degrees in Law and Arts from Monash University, and a Master of Science (Humanitarian Action) from University College Dublin.

Stranger on the ShoreIn 2012 Jessie and Afghan refugee Jaffar Ali were the subject of an ABC TV Australian Story special episode Stranger on the Shore.

This [episode] tells the story of a young woman unsettling her middle class Melbourne family by going out on a limb to ‘adopt’ a fourteen year old Afghan asylum seeker.

Jaffar Ali arrived in Australia two years ago after escaping from Indonesia in a leaky boat subsequently intercepted near Christmas Island.

Immediately prior to coming to the Bar, Jessie worked as a Duty Lawyer in the Criminal Law division of Victoria Legal Aid. In 2010 she was Associate to Justice Mordecai Bromberg in the Federal Court of Australia, working in administrative law, occupational health and safety, trade practices, Commonwealth entitlements, WorkCover, equal opportunity & human rights, intellectual property, employment and migration.

In 2009 Jessie was contracted by the Federal Attorney-General’s Department as a researcher and writer on the National Human Rights Consultation.

Jessie was Chair of the Law Institute of Victoria Refugee Law Reform Committee and sat on the Executive Committee of the LIV Administrative and Human Rights Law section (2009 & 2010). She was a Visiting Fellow at the Australian Human Rights Centre & an Honorary Research Fellow at the Monash Asia Institute. She has worked as a researcher in the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, and as a tutor in the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme.

In 2005 she attended the closing session of the UN Commission on Human Rights as an intern with the Australian delegation. She has worked in community development at Springvale Monash Legal Service, and participated in the general law clinic at SMLS, as well as the joint clinical legal service with the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault, assisting victims of sexual assault to obtain Victims of Crime compensation. She maintains a strong VOCAT practice at the Bar.

Jessie received the 2012 Daniel Pollak Readers’ Pro Bono Award for pro bono work undertaken in her first six months at the bar. She is the Senior Vice President of Liberty Victoria (Victorian Council for Civil Liberties).

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