Aid Budget threatened

The Australian Government must deliver by 2016 on the bipartisan commitment to invest 0.5% of our nation’s income in overseas aid. The Government should maintain a trajectory of increased aid beyond 2016 to reach 0.7% by 2020.

Make Poverty History

Urgent Action Needed Now

Help Save the Aid Budget

Reports are coming in that once again the Federal Government is planning on raiding the Foreign Aid Budget to pay for asylum seeker costs. 

But it’s not too late to continue overseas aid!

The Australian Government pleadged aid to alleviate poverty overseas and we must honour this commitment

Not another broken promise at the expense of the poor!

Let Treasurer Wayne Swan know that you want Australia’s Foreign Aid budget spent alleviating poverty overseas.
Take Action Now.
ACTION: Email Wayne Swan here. – You could write your own message about why you support aid, check out a letter I wrote or tell him that:

‘Aid saves lives. It is meant to help those living in poverty overseas. Since 1990, Australian aid has helped to reduce extreme poverty, including almost halving the number of children around the world who die before their fifth birthday – 14,000 fewer children dying every single day.

Don’t divert aid in the Budget. Keep your promise to the world’s poorest people this Tuesday.’

Thanks for supporting Make Poverty History.

See also, “The poor are God’s poor …”  and the Treasurer’s reply to my letter mentioned above. Once again I ask: Is Australian aid & character under threat? and Can “Australians keep their word” – Rallying for foreign aid?

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