Abortion: I spoke out

PETER D. Jones (Letters, April13) states that he would be more impressed with the views of church leaders on the issue of abortion if he also saw them protesting in support of asylum seekers or against war.

Since I have been Anglican Bishop of Tasmania (13 years) I have spoken out publicly on dozens of occasions in support of asylum seekers (including this year) and against the policies of both major political parties.

The Anglican Church has been active in practical measures of support for asylum seekers in Australia.

I spoke at a Peace rally regarding the Iraq War in 2002, and made public statements regretting the decision to undertake war at that time.

I will continue to speak out publicly against Government policies that are unreasonable – whether that be on asylum seekers or abortion.

See Letters to the Editor that appears in The Mercury today on page 14.

Bishop John Harrower, Hobart

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