Abortion: Abortion Bill through House of Assembly

Today my thoughts are with those women who have told me, ‘Michelle O’Byrne has not listened to us or my children.’  Today they have a sense of betrayal and an overwhelming sadness.  I have spoken up for those women, and also for the rights of unborn children.

The passage of Michelle O’Byrne’s Bill through the House of Assembly marks a new low in Tasmanian politics.

It is not unreasonable for abortion to be decriminalised.  However, Ms. O’Byrne also proposed things that were unnecessary and extreme.

The removal of any sense of humanity of the unborn child is unnecessary.  The inclusion of social and economic reasons for abortion up until birth is unnecessary.  Requiring civil liberties to be restricted or conscience ignored is unnecessary. 

Michelle O’Byrne failed to adequately consult on an issue that speaks to the very heart of our human identity, and sought to rush this through.  The Minister has needlessly generated division in Tasmania. 

I call on the Legislative Council to reconsider this legislation.


Abortion: Abortion Bill through House of Assembly — 9 Comments

  1. Bless you for your constant effort but don’t be discouraged. The bill has a way to go – we need to keep on praying. 🙂

  2. Bishop John, In your first paragraph you say you have spoken up for women, and unborn children. You have also spoken up for me – A man, husband, father, brother, and son who is deeply and profoundly saddened that our parliament is heading in this direction. With that addition (of blokes), you speak grace, truth and light on all our behalf. David

  3. Bishop John as for me and my family we agree fully with your comments above. We can only hope and pray that the legislative council will reject this legislation and that unborn babies will be protected in this state of Tasmania. Henry

  4. It makes no sense to say that “Michele O’Bryne has not listened to me.” Clearly the reduction from 24 weeks to 16 weeks demonstrated she did listen, and clearly this a divided issue where it’s impossible for both sides to get what they want. Listening to people isn’t the same as giving them what they want, especially in situations where so obviously everybody can’t get what the want.

  5. I am stunned by the House of Assembly’s decision to pass this bill. And call on the members of the Upper House to show courage and leadership by rejecting it.

  6. Now, as always, the law will come from within, from people wanting to do the right thing, rather than it being imposed on them by legislation. The law will only stand if there are sufficient people wanting to follow it. We need to create a climate of sexual responsibility. And for those not knowing what to do when pregnant, a climate of compassionate understanding and support so that unborn children however conceived will be welcomed in love, and not conveniently scrapped.

  7. Thanks for your representation in the marketplace Bishop. The Parish of Sandy Bay and Taroona continue to pray for you.

  8. Thank you Bishop John for your willingness to advocate for the human rights of the unborn. I believe there is still much that can be done to assist women and unborn children, by providing financial and emotional support, and reduce the number of terminations. Now is the time, for all of us, to consider how we can respond in other ways to share Christ’s love for women, children and women who had had terminations.

  9. Bishop John…Sincere thanks/prayers for your efforts in the support of life…Created by God for a purpose.Standing for all of life….
    Norm Auricht,Lutherans for Life,S.C.Qld.

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