Old Testament Seminar-Burnie

I am at Burnie this weekend. Saturday’s Seminar is on Understanding the Old Testament and I am looking forward to learning more of God’s world and our participation in his work in the world.

On Sunday I am preaching for Back to Church Sunday at St George’s Burnie and then at Connections in Somerset. An outline of the seminar:

Understanding the Old Testament in the light of the New Testament

Discipleship of the whole Bible

A.     Why the Old Testament matters

 B.     Biblical History (Handout B1 & B2)

C.      Jesus’ use of the Old Testament from the Gospel of Luke (Handout C)

D.     Biblical Theology

–          God’s Rule, God’s People, God’s Place    (Handout D1 & D2)

–          Interpretation:  The text of the Bible in its context.  e.g. David & Goliath

 E.     Is God a moral monster? (Handout E)

F.      Discipleship of the whole Bible

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