‘Bishop undercover’ -Part 2

Bishop Trevor Williams continues his ‘undercover’ exploration of the Irish society in which his Anglican Diocese ministers.

In Part 1 we saw Bishop Trevor ‘ditching’ his formal bishops’ attire, a perceived barrier between him and society, in order to learn what role the church can play in an ever more secular Irish society.

In Bishop undercover – Part 2 he visits an Evangelical/Pentecostal Church and notes the exuberance [“they are more open with their emotions”] of worship and warmth of welcome. He also comments on importance of sharing what Jesus means for people in everyday life.

A Men’s Shed project is interesting as the men are working on a shared project, building a boat. The benefit here is that everyone can make a contribution and that if a bloke does not have his own particular project to work on, he can still feel free to come along.

He sees that school ministry with two youth workers gains creative engagement with the students and this is seen as a way forward in reaching young people. He also returns to a meals on wheels and school where he confesses up to his ‘undercover’ work and some pleasant scenes.

Although interesting, I felt that this 2nd episode took us only marginally deeper into his context.

I am left wanting to spend more time with Bishop Trevor reflecting on his innovative and commendable engagement with the community within his diocese. e.g. How will the insights he has gained be incorporated into a vision and mission action plan for him and the implications for the Diocese?

Thank you, Bishop Trevor, for your example of grass roots involvement in seeking the welfare of the place in which the Spirit of Christ has placed you and the diocese you are called to serve. May God work powerfully through your ministry.

See my earlier comments on ‘Bishop undercover’ -Part 1.

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