Australia Day: a tune of freedom

YouTube Preview ImageSinging the National Anthem with passion and taking the mickey out of our singing (or lack of singing it) brought joy to my Aussie spirit.

This new tune for our National Anthem and the freedom of the humour which presents it is a demonstration of the tune of freedom that we enjoy in Australia. Why a tune of freedom?

The fact that the singer is not standing blindfolded before a firing squad for committing sacrilege of national symbols is a tribute to who we are as Australians, to our Australian way of life, our culture. (And let’s not kid ourselves that the protection of national symbols and firing squads is not on in the world we live in.)

It’s another example of why we do not need a charter or bill of human rights. Human rights are held in a culture. We nurture a way of life and the freedoms within it, through nurturing a culture not by constructing legal statements which can be turned to erode the very culture they were established to protect. Legal mechanisms are a very blunt instrument. It’s the heart that counts.

What is the heart of Australia? Many elements: but arguably key is the Judeo-Christian legacy. For Australia to be who we are called to be, I pray for the Holy Spirit to work within us the upside down world, the ‘down under’ world of Jesus. In Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. (John 14:6)

My thanks to Adam Hills for this great Australia Day gift and nurturing of our culture. Happy Australia Day!

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