Annual spiritual check-up

A Model for an Annual Spiritual Check-up

Director of Ministry Services, Paul Cavanough, presents this gift to us at the end of another year of our ministry together: ten questions any person could use as an annual review of his or her discipleship and ministry:

  1. Prayer
    How has your prayer life been this year? Blossoming? Fading? Faltering? Open? Routine? Is this an area that needs more focus for you?
  2. Learning
    What have you studied this year (formally or informally)? What have you learned?
  3. Worship
    Are you worshipping at least weekly? How has that time been? Highs? Lows? Are you taking time to prepare or “just showing up”?
  4. Leader Skills
    Do you sense that your capacity to lead has increased? Are you observing the leadership of others? What are you learning?
  5. Community Building
    How are you helping your congregation to thrive, formally and informally?
  6. Action
    Where have you been visible in your faith? What blocks you from action?
  7. Serving Others
    Where have you served God this year?
  8. Sense of Growth
    Where do you feel you have grown this year-spiritually, emotionally, in terms of relationships, or in terms of knowledge?
  9. Balance
    How is your sense of living a balanced life? Do you keep Sabbath?
  10. Growing Edge – Stretching Beyond the Comfort Zone
    If we accept that we are not living in the fullness of the kingdom, where are you called to focus in the coming year?

Patricia Hayes, former Alban Consultant.

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